Preserving the past should be a focus

Sadly, our society has become all too familiar with moving on from the past as we strive to create a better future.
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The “throwaway” mentality has seen many of our great treasures cast aside as the next generation charges into a new era.

Fortunately for our region, there remains a strong contingent of people who are as passionate about our rich heritage and are working to ensure it remains with us –for a long time to come.

Nina Horton has joined forces with a number of groups and government organisations to lay the foundation and ensure the Murrumburrah Courthouse remains a part of ourlandscape forever.

As has been seen in many larger centres, such historic and impressive buildings fall victim to so-called progress.

The real estate space they occupy becomes too valuable to warrant the architecture and before long, they are replaced with new buildings –buildings that have no history, no heart and no soul.

Smarter communities, however, see the value in preserving such buildings and instead of casting them aside, celebrate and utilise them.

There’s no doubt this can become an expensive exercise.

Restoring and maintaining old buildings is by no means the easy option.

Apart from the fact you have to have individuals committed to preserving such facilities, they also have to have the means to fund the process.

Fortunately, the old courthouse has a number of individuals committed to the process, a community happy to chip in and people at government level who recognise the significance –and opportunity –that this building provides.

It’s not often that the planets line up when it comes to such matters, but for the Murrumburrah Courthouse, it seems the iconic landmark has the heavens on its side.

Too often development opportunities –or expensive maintenance costs –win the day when it comes to older buildings and community-owned facilities. There needs to be a concerted effort by people with passion to ensure that these reminders of our past are maintained for the future.

While it’s not so obvious at the moment, in years to come people will be thankful to those who took the time to preserve this important part of our history. and in doing so, maintained an important part of the fabric of our wonderful community.

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