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New Premier Gladys Berejiklian will have a hard task to convince one Express reader that she will change things in regional areas.Nationals on the noseSo we have a new state Premier, Gladys B.
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Sometimes when you watch the news on TV or read the papers you really do need a sense of humour .

You really do need to be able to see the ridiculous in the ‘news’ that is presented.

Our new Premier is convinced that climate change is a real problem and she is in favour of council amalgamations .

Obviously, she would not have got the job if she had been against the ‘dogs’ ban.

And the new leader of the Nationals stood up protesting about council amalgamations.

What a joke! What does he think he is doing?Where was hewhen the Nationals should have said no to the ‘dogs’ and forced amalgamations .

How could you possibly vote for any Nationals candidate at the next elections?

Then there is the total dereliction of duty by the federal Nationals regarding changes to the water situation.

When you see our near full dams, just remember 30 per centof the water is there for the environment, not for farmers.

Des GoonanWaggaChef leaves a bad tasteI agree with Susie O’Brien that viewers should boycott My Kitchen Rules until producers vote Paleo Pete off once and for all.

He is using his status as a judge on MKR to promote his views on the paleo diet.

Pete is a hypocrite when he raves on air about a dish tasting so good while he would not promote or extol its virtues off air.

Another gripe I have is the fact both presenters usually have the appearance of someone attempting to grow a beard.

I’ve not shaven for more than 40 years and find this fad amusing.It does take a while for the beard to shape up but they’ve been trying for a long time.

Before someone tries to enlighten me that cultivating a few days old bears makes men more attractive, I’d like to suggest that to many viewers it shows a lack of respect.

While I was thinking about MKR, I remembered a naive contestant asking Manu if he always spoke that way.

I wondered why I found him easier to understand years ago than I did last year.

David EllisRiverinaNo balance to booksBack in the seventies there were very few diesel cars and diesel cost 80 cents a gallon.

More diesel cars were being built and the government allowed the petrol companies to double the price of diesel, but basic food stuffs hardly changed price for many years.

The oil companies and government were raking in the money from taxes. At the present time we see the government making windfall profits from the GST.

Despite raking in the money they still can’t balance their books.

Now they are spying on our bank accounts to see how much more they can grab.

Multinational banks and corporations are killing small business while the TPP will continue the plundering. We’ve had enough; time to drain the swamp!

Jay NaussGlen AplinNot the time for cutsAt a time of increasing demand for residential aged care services, the Turnbull government is stripping $1.8 billion from the aged care budget. Providers who employ health professionals are now finding it difficult to maintain their staffing levels given the impending cuts. The planned cuts come at a time when the government is reviewing boththe impact of aged care sector reformsand the tool that is currently used to allocate funding. The industry is crying out for policy and funding stability.

Together, we can create a sustainable aged services industry delivering affordable, accessible, quality care and services for older Australians.

Sean RooneyAged Care Services AustraliaThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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