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PIC OF THE DAY: Chelsea, Cooper, Spencer and Craig Morschel enjoy Moona Moona Creek. Pic by Katie Morschel. Submit entries to [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 Still waiting for newsWiththe new year under waythetime has come for an update fromtheMember for South Coast and Speaker Shelley Hancock, to announcethestatus ofthe promise to build the Bay and Basin police station andthetimeline for completion of same.
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Many cannot believethearrogance ofthemember with her continued refusaltoacknowledge or discuss this most public promise and commitment.

Drip feeding information when pressed whilst providing only limited information regarding this project. You madethepromise, Shelley, time and time again so front up and explain your non action. I`m free all year and next if you would kindly extend an invitationtotheofficial opening of this long awaited piece of infrastructure.

B. Cumberland, North NowraEconomy in poor shapeWages growth is at a record low, unemployment has gone from among the lowest in the industrialised world to one of the highest; there are more than 740,000 people looking for work and a further 1,090,000 taxpayers underemployed.

To top thingsoff the current rate of GDP is around 2 per cent with no expected improvement.

On the home front the news for first home buyers is: unless you can manage to save $6000 or more a week for a deposit forget about home ownership; under state and federal government regulations home ownership is reserved for the rich with no concessions made for two thirds of the workforce.

For too long politicians have been parading around pointing fingers in all directions making excuses for one of the worst chapters of economic mismanagement since Federation.

Politicians(state and federal) have to realise, if we are to achieve economic growth every worker and every business must contribute to the economy by paying taxes.

Maybe I’m a pessimist – will there be change?

I don’t think so.

J.Macleod, BerryLong-suffering commutersGareth Ward MP may be happy that government upper house leader Don Harwin drives from the Shoalhaven to Parliament.

He would benicely isolated from his constituents in his private car and further cluttering up the roads, but our former representative John Hatton used to catch the train to Parliament and thus directly experienced what his constituents experienced.

The trains are not any faster than they were in John’s time and are now losing patronage as people walk away from the poor service.

Perhaps Gareth and Don would care to catch the train to Parliament in future?They might acquire a heightened interest in improving the lot of the South Coast’s long-suffering commuters.

T.Prescott, BomaderryA place for hateThe other day, 3500-plus people took part in an “anti-Trump” march in Melbourne.

According to one organiser,”We’re not marching as an anti-Trump movement per se, we’re marching to protest the hate speech, the hateful rhetoric….”

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Australia’s Grand Mufti,wants section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act expanded to prohibit what he calls“hate speech”concerning his religion. In other words, he wants Australia to have a Pakistan-style blasphemy law.

No. No. The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with expressing hatred.Some things we have got to hate.Not people, but certain actions.

Think about childhood sexual abuse.Yes, punish the offenders -but don’t hate even them as persons.

God himself loves morally evil people -insofar as they are not completely evil.

He hates sin. He loves sinners.We must try to do the same.

A. Jago, Nichols Pt, VicThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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