Killer’s bizarre stories

MISSED: Renee Mitchell in a photograph taken in the early 2000s. She was found stabbed to death in Bangalay Reserve in November, 2014. Picture: Supplied
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Murderer’s killer pastSloane found guilty of murderGrand tales of a killerJustice for aged-care workerONLY minutes after he was arrested for the murder of Renee Mitchell, Graham Anthony George Sloane told detectives he was a comedian heading off on the road.

Then during a rambling recorded interview at Charlestown police station, Mr Sloane, now 68, made a series of bizarre statements and allegations, ranging from collaborating with police in Queensland to “set-up” a paedophileto the time he had survived a helicopter crash and another when he’d outlasted “being blown up by a grenade”.

However, he also appeared to try and deflect attention away from himself, telling detectives his blood-covered shoes had been borrowed by a neighbour the night before as well as making disparaging comments about Mrs Mitchell’s family.

A jury of nine women and three men were on Wednesday played the audio recording during Mr Sloane’s roadside arrest at Cardiff on November 12, 2014, and the subsequent electronicallyrecorded interview.

At one point, Mr Sloane tells police how they can catch the killer.

“If you find that wallet, you’ve found the killer,” Mr Sloane said of his wallet, which he said he had given to Mrs Mitchell.

The jury had heard on Tuesday that a wallet was found at Mr Sloane’s premises.“Give me five minutes with him,” Mr Sloane said of Mrs Mitchell’s killer.

“You could look away and I’ll cut his head off.

“Without any hesitation at all. “And I’ll show you how to do it without getting caught.”

Mr Sloane’s police interview and the way he was behaving around the time of Mrs Mitchell’s death is pertinent in the trial because the 68-year-old has pleaded not guilty to murder by reason of substantial impairment.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Tuesday, admitting to stabbing Mrs Mitchell and dumping her in a Windale park on November 11, 2014.The jury will be asked to decide whether Mr Sloane was suffering from an “abnormality of the mind” at the time of the killing, meaning his capacity to understand events, judge right from wrong or control himself wassubstantially impaired by mental illness.

If they make that determination, then the jury will be asked whether his capacity to control himself – the central issue to the case –was so substantially impaired that it would reduce what was otherwise murder to manslaughter.

Graham Anthony George Sloane during his police interview.

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