Fighting fit even in your twilight years

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BEND AND STRETCH: Regular check ups and maintaining a healthy weight can help improve the overall quality of life during your senior years.

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Get to know your GP wellKeep the cogs in your head turningJUST because you are older than 60, don’t think you can’t be independent, vital and healthy.But do you know what to do to stay in fine fettle? Here is a list of recommendations to keep seniors healthy, happy and safe.

These are simple medical tests that can be done or ordered when you visit your regular doctor. Your GP may recommend additional tests based on your personal health profile.

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Clare Valley Family DentalDentures DirectBute BusesBarunga Community CareCrystal Brook Community Village● Blood pressure: You could be one of many who have high blood pressure and don’t know it. Get your blood pressure checked by your doctor at least once a year. Your heart, not to mention your arteries, brain, eyes, and kidneys, will thank you later.

● Stepping on the scales: Muscle is replaced by fatas we get older. Then, that fat goes to your waist. Also, you don’t burn calories as well as before because your body’s metabolism is slowing down. Take heed of any weight gain; you could be robbing yourself of good health.

● The rectal exam:Make sure you get one –every year. The rectal exam and a fecal occult blood test will tell if there are any masses or subtle bleeding that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Along with other medical tests your doctor may recommend, it may give clues to treatable problems in your colon (think colon cancer) or prostate for men.

● Other colon cancer screening tests:A colonoscopy is just one of several tests that can be performed to look for colon cancer. A colonoscopy should be done every 10 years beginning at age 50. You may need to have a colonoscopy earlier and more frequently if you have risk factors.

Talk to your doctor to see what’s best for you.

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