Buyers compete for lots

ON THE CATWALK: The hammer falls at the South East Livestock Exchange (SELX) cattle sale. SELX SHEEP AND LAMBS: Vendors sold21,860 sheep and lambs.
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According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service the quality was better with more shorn lambs penned.

Light weight unshorn lambs were in fewer numbers and restocking activity was not as feverish.

Trade and heavy lambs were better supplied and there were only a few pens of extra heavy lambs offered. The return of a supermarket order and an extra southern buyer completed a full field of buyers. The market was dearer on the lambs. Restocking lambs sold from $60 to $117/head.

The medium and heavy trade weights were $4 to $5 dearer selling from $115 to $150/head, to average 610c to 630c for the better shaped lambs. Heavy lambs gained $4 selling between $134 and $165/head with extra heavy lambs reaching $188.20 to average 610c/kg. The best of the hoggets made to $135/head.

Mutton numbers declined and the quality was good with reasonable numbers of all weights and grades.

Prices were $2 to $3 cheaper over the runs with medium weight ewes selling from $74 to $116/head, the latter for Merinos with long wools.

Heavy crossbred ewes reached $131.20/head with most averaging between 380c and 410c/kg cwt.

WAGGA CATTLE:Vendorsoffered and sold a total of 4000 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday. The limited supply of vealers sold to stronger demand, selling at 330c to 365c/kg.

Medium weight grass finished heifers were well supplied and stronger competition from domestic processors aided the price lift of 11c/kg.Heifers to slaughter sold at 300c to 330c to average 315c/kg.

Trade-weight steers sold 2c dearer topping at 322c/kg. Store conditioned light weight steers returning to the paddock topped at 409c to average 406c/kg.Prices for well-bred C2 yearling steers eased back 2c to 10c/kg. Medium-weight steers made from 320c to 360c/kg.The main run of lighter feeder heifers sold 11c cheaper making from 315c to 338c/kg.

The better quality pens of prime finished C3 and C4 steers made 300c to 336c/kg. Cow numbers declined in a mixed quality offering, with all weights and grades represented. Heavy cows gained 1c to 5c averaging 247c/kg.

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