Expo of vintage wedding gowns

Eleanor Chase, who married Charles Taft, US President Taft’s youngest son, in 1917 (Darnell Collection).

IF you’re a sucker for vintage fashion, get down to Hawkesbury Regional Gallery for Here Comes the Bride – a bridal exhibition featuring gowns from the Darnell Collection, as well as accessories and prize-winning wedding cakes.

Doris Darnell was a Quaker from Pennsylvania, who pursued her passion for fashion by collecting vintage clothes and accessories for over 70 years. For Ms Darnell, the social history behind the items was as important as the items themselves, and preserving them and their stories for future generations became an important part of her passion.

The Darnell Collection grew out of donations and gifts from her family’s wider circle of friends and acquaintances around the world. Most most of the items came with accompanying letters, photographs and stories which linked them to the original owners or donors and often to the occasions to which they were worn.

Blue Mountains resident, Charlotte Smith inherited the collection in 2004. It has continued to grow through further bequests to over 8000 pieces representing 32 different countries and is considered the largest private vintage clothing collection in Australia.

Joan Hegarty, 1961 (Hawkesbury Regional Museum Collection)

Gowns from the Darnell Collection, as well as from the Hawkesbury Regional Museum Collection, will form part of the exhibition, as well as a wall display of wedding photos from members of the Hawkesbury community.

Gallery director, Diana Robson, said: “We are very grateful to Charlotte Smith, owner and curator of the Darnell Collection, for making this wonderful show possible.”

“The wedding dress is arguably the most important dress a married woman ever wears, and what it says about the wearer and her times makes it the ultimate fashion statement.”

Here Comes the Bride will open at the Gallery in Windsor on Friday, February 10, and will run through to Sunday, March 26.

As part of the exhibition, the gallery will be hosting a high tea with Charlotte Smith, on Thursday, March 9. Bookings are essential – book online at hawkesburygallery.eventbrite苏州美甲美睫培训 or call 4560 4441.

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Single mothers are used to the stigma, David Archibald, but we’re far from lazy

David Archibald speaks at a rally in Perth in 2011. Photo: YouTube/mmattjanetSingle mothers lazy? Anthony Albanese – son of a single mother –is rightto call for Pauline Hanson to dump Western Australian One Nation candidate David Archibaldfor saying single motherhood “was a lifestyle choice” and thatsingle mothers were “too lazy to attract and hold a mate”.

As a single mum of four, I am used to this negative stigmatism which too often accompanies non-traditional parenthood.

Anthony Albanese’s mother, Maryanne Ellery, raised her son on her own. Photo: Albanese Family

I know I am in the minority: Only 16 per cent of families worldwide are single-parent families. But given I didn’t get a full night’s sleep for almost 4000 consecutive nights (or 10 years), that could hardly make me lazy. Singlemotherhood means double the work, double the responsibility and double the number of decisions. Theformula for raising children is often difficult for two-parent families to grasp let alone one on their own.

For me, the jobof single motherhood wasn’t a choice, but circumstances lead me here. The package goesbeyond fulltime paid work. I single-handedly supported a family of five, raising four children under seven, with the constant anxiety of being 100 per centaccountable for the well-being of my children. It’s not just the anxiety but the lack of some one to help with chores around the home that can be overwhelming. I was taking the garbage bins out the night I went into labour with my fourth child. I had to cajole the other three children into the car (yes … they all came to the birth). This cemented the turbulent breadth of responsibility that lay ahead.

Federal ALP politician Anthony Albanese, son of a single mother says he is offended by One Nation’s David Archibald calling single mothers lazy. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Despite my perpetual state of exhaustion, I drew upon my own life experiences to formulate a unique parenting method for a unique situation. These included three years backpacking, working and living around the world, learning various languages, three university degrees and a career as a finance journalist and editor.

My children have all thrived academically and socially and they are extremely kind, well-adjusted people so I can now look back relieved that whatever I did, for the most part, worked.

Of course, there are challenges unique to every single-parent family. The hardest parts of single motherhood have been:

1. Fatigue. My parenting style, which involved co-sleeping, breastfeeding each child for at least two years, home cooking, fulltime work and volunteer work, meant I was always tired.

2. Decisions. A single parent with full responsibility for their children has no consistent sounding board to flesh out decisions. When every decision needs to be made by one person alone, it can be overwhelming. I made plenty of good decisions but I also made some bad ones – and for those, it would have been great to share the blame with someone …

3. Vulnerability. Single parents with full responsibility are financially, emotionally and socially vulnerable because we are on our own. In a healthy relationship, one plus one equals so much more. But when you are on your own, there is no one to play devil’s advocate, no one to playgood cop/bad cop and no one to back up your argument.

Despite those challenges, there are some very special things about being a single parent. A conflict-free environment is possibly the most important. Then there is the closeness to your children. And the knowledge that they are the way they are because of all your hard work, love and dedication.

There is too the liberating side of making all the decisions on your own, unhindered by a partner.

I took my children to live in France. We backpackedfrom the Arctic Circle in Norway down to the Sahara Desert in Morocco. On another trip, we ventured through China and across Russia and Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian railway. We travelled around Australia – camping under the stars, swimming in deserted hot water springs and climbing mountains.

This latest comment from a One Nation male politician showsthere will always be people out there who label and judge.

Single parenthood comes in many forms ranging from parents with zero contact with their children to parents with 100 per centresponsibility.

Most of us don’t start out wanting to be single parents. We find ourselves in this circumstance for varied reasons, including the death of a partner, separation/divorce, adoption, planned insemination, unplanned or planned pregnancy and rape.

It is not just single mums who get judged. Career women, women without children, gay people and even white picket fence married people with children get judged.

There is no longer a prescribed formula for what a family looks like or how you should raise your children.

For me, from the ashes of the unexpected and a lot of hard work and intuitive, independent thinking, I grew strong and resilient and stopped caring about who was judging.And I learnt to embrace the abundance that I do have. I am many things to my family and friends: but lazy isn’t one of them.

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Busker’s ambitions: Mel Yeates singing her way across nation for a cause

A GIRL AND HER GUITAR: Musician Mel Yeates is hoping to raise money and awareness of depression, suicide and cancer when she performs in Orange as part of a national busking tour. Photo: SUPPLIEDA woman who is using her life savings to travelAustralia as part of a year-long busking tour to raise money and awareness for suicide, depression and cancer charitieswill perform in Orange in March.

Mel Yeates’ life was shattered by the tragic death of three friends leading her to take to the road to raise $100,000 for beyondblue and Love Your Sister charities.

The 30-year-old began her tour, A Girl, Her Car and Her Guitar to show people that if they are going through a tough time there are services that can help.

“I didn’t really know about beyondblue when I went through the tragedy of losing two friends in year 9,” she said.

“There are people that can help people who are depressed or touchedby anxiety.”

The Sydney woman’spersonal tragedy began during asecondary school camp when her best friend and another friend were killed in adevastating accident.

“I lost my best friend; we shared everything, that’s how close we were,” Miss Yeates said.

“I lost all interest in school, friends and my family. I didn’t care about study and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.”

Another close family friend committed suicide, and when she was 15 her cousin was diagnosed with cancer.

She is hoping to be in Orange on March 11 or 12 and is yet to finalise a venue.

She said the idea of the tour was inspired byactor Samuel Johnson who is known for roles in mini-seriesMollyandSecret Life of Us, and started the Love Your Sister charity following his sister’s terminal breast cancer diagnosis.

Miss Yeates’inspiration came from his16,000km ride around Australia on a unicycle in 2013 which raisedmore than $1.5 million for cancer research.

“My original goal last year was to raise $20,000 [for beyond blue and Love Your Sister]in 20 months and I managed to do it in six months and I’m at $27,000 now.

“Raising $100,000 is pretty daunting and it’ll take a long time, but I’m going to give it my best.

“Every gig I do, there’s someone in the audience who has been affected by a mental health condition or knows someone who has, and when I share my story they share theirs.

“If I can make people happy while I’m singing, that’s great. I just want to make that difference.”

BeyondblueCEO Georgie Harman said Miss Yeates is helping thousands of people living with mental health conditions.

“Mel has already raised a significant amount for us and now she’s devoting an entire year of her life to the cause,” she said.

To donate, visitgofundme苏州美甲美睫培训/gcgmy.

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Buyers compete for lots

ON THE CATWALK: The hammer falls at the South East Livestock Exchange (SELX) cattle sale. SELX SHEEP AND LAMBS: Vendors sold21,860 sheep and lambs.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia’s National Livestock Reporting Service the quality was better with more shorn lambs penned.

Light weight unshorn lambs were in fewer numbers and restocking activity was not as feverish.

Trade and heavy lambs were better supplied and there were only a few pens of extra heavy lambs offered. The return of a supermarket order and an extra southern buyer completed a full field of buyers. The market was dearer on the lambs. Restocking lambs sold from $60 to $117/head.

The medium and heavy trade weights were $4 to $5 dearer selling from $115 to $150/head, to average 610c to 630c for the better shaped lambs. Heavy lambs gained $4 selling between $134 and $165/head with extra heavy lambs reaching $188.20 to average 610c/kg. The best of the hoggets made to $135/head.

Mutton numbers declined and the quality was good with reasonable numbers of all weights and grades.

Prices were $2 to $3 cheaper over the runs with medium weight ewes selling from $74 to $116/head, the latter for Merinos with long wools.

Heavy crossbred ewes reached $131.20/head with most averaging between 380c and 410c/kg cwt.

WAGGA CATTLE:Vendorsoffered and sold a total of 4000 cattle at the Wagga market on Monday. The limited supply of vealers sold to stronger demand, selling at 330c to 365c/kg.

Medium weight grass finished heifers were well supplied and stronger competition from domestic processors aided the price lift of 11c/kg.Heifers to slaughter sold at 300c to 330c to average 315c/kg.

Trade-weight steers sold 2c dearer topping at 322c/kg. Store conditioned light weight steers returning to the paddock topped at 409c to average 406c/kg.Prices for well-bred C2 yearling steers eased back 2c to 10c/kg. Medium-weight steers made from 320c to 360c/kg.The main run of lighter feeder heifers sold 11c cheaper making from 315c to 338c/kg.

The better quality pens of prime finished C3 and C4 steers made 300c to 336c/kg. Cow numbers declined in a mixed quality offering, with all weights and grades represented. Heavy cows gained 1c to 5c averaging 247c/kg.

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Two round 13 wins for Bowral

ROUND 13: Mittagong Roar were defeated by the Bowral Cavaliers on January 28. Photo: Madeline Crittenden. Both Bowral third grade teams took round 13 victory on January 28.

The Bowral Kookaburras defeated the Wingello Tigers by one wicket at Stephens Park.

Wingello won the toss and took first use of the bat. The team posted a score of 147 runs off their 35 overs.

Ben Hamilton top scored for the Wingellowith an undefeated 68and was well supported by GregMartin(45) and Jeremy Tonks(13).

The Kookaburras’ bowling attack was in good form, Angus FitzSimmons took one wicket as did Mark Chance.

The Kookaburras’ took the bat next. The opening partnership was made up of James Smith and Paul Harnisch who posted a combined score of 10 runs.

Timothy Maurice top scored with an undefeated 51, Mitchell Murphy (25) and Michael Thompson (18) also put on a good display with the bat.

Rachel Martin was the pick of the bowlers for Wingello with figures of 3-31 off 6 overs. Greg Martin also bowled well and collected two wickets.

The Kookaburras’ chased down Wingello’s total in 33.4 overs with the lose of nine wickets.

In another fixture the Bowral Cavaliers defeated Mittagong Roar, who only had seven players,by six wickets.

The Cavaliers won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Opening the batting for Mittagong, Martin Aungle put on a good display to finish with the top score of 30 runs. Aungle was well supported by Joshua Miller (28).

By the end of their innings, Mittagong secured a total of 106 runs.

Connor Gilmore put on a strong bowling performance for the Cavaliers and took two wickets, he also managed to take a catch in the field.

Cavaliers skipperPhil Sherley said Gilmore bowled very well against Martin Aungle.

“Connor bowled really well and was probably some of his best bowling all season,” he said.

Zac De Hosson also put on a great display and with figures of 3-9 off seven overs, which included two maidens.

Pete De Hosson opened the batting for the Cavaliers and top scored with 28 runs. He was supported by Connor Gilmore who put 16 runs on the scoreboard.

“Pete hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to bat this season and he did really well,” Sherley said.

Jake Pearse (22) and Alexander Griffin (25) also put on a good display with the bat.Mittagong skipper Rob Collins was the best bowler forhis team with figures of 2-27 off five overs.

The Cavaliers were able to chase Mittagong’s total down in 15.2 overs and took a six wicket victory.

Sherley credited Mittagong’s efforts in the match.

“They were short on players and fielding out in that heat was a big task so it was unfortunate for them.”

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