White charge “disappointing”

ILLAWARRA will decide on Thursday whether they’ll challenge a one-game suspension leveled at key guard Kevin White that’s soured their five-point win over competition leaders Adelaide on Saturday.

The NBL match review panel hit White with the “unduly rough play” charge on Tuesday fora second-quarter collision with Adelaide big-man Eric Jacobsen.

The charge carries a base penalty of a one-game suspension though White could still play against Cairns in Wollongong on Friday if he enters an early guilty plea and cops a $1000 fine.

Currently in second spot, the Hawks remain well in the hunt for a top-two finish and a home finals series and can ill-afford to be without theirhard-nosed back-court leader for the crucial clash with the Taipans.

The incident with Jacobsen came in full view of the three match officials none of whom called a foul. That fact could prove the basis of the Hawks case should they elect to fight the charge. The club has until to 5pm Thursday to notify the NBL.

Coach Rob Beveridge was weighing up his options on Wednesday but said he certainly won’t be asking White to curb his physical style of play.

“I’ll be talking to the league about the review process,” Beveridge said.

“Everyone who knows Whitey knows heputs his heart and soul into his club andhis teammates.

“I’ve never, ever, coached anyone to go out there and hurt anyone or hit anyone, or anything like that butI want my guysto play hard and I’m extremely proud of the way Whitey does that.

“He does it out of being an incredible teammate who puts it all on the line for his team,so for this happen days after the factis very disappointing.”

Brisbane veteran Daniel Kickert sparked a war of words with Adelaide when he referred to the Sixers as “Thirty-Snitchers” on twitter after beingcharged with headbutting in round seven.

Coach Joey Wright bit back with a tweet of his own with he andKickert both fined $500 for the exchange.

Kickert’s charge came after Adelaide brought the headbutting incident to the attention of the NBL but the 36rs played no such role in White being charged.

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Cessnock cricket lower grade results

Cessnock cricket lower grade results and points tables.

Second GradeGreta/Branxton 7/116 (Pat Andrews 26, Ben Hogan 15, Will Regan 15, Mitch Fallon 13, Alex Walkling 13no, Ryan Maxwell 3-28 off 10, Wayne Harris 2-9 off 4) defeated Wine Country 107 (Shane Morley 30, Ryan Maxwell 23, Mark Peace 5-33 off 10, Mick Regan 2-34 off 7).

Bellbird 150 (Matt Crump 35, Brendan Clark 31, Andrew Howson 31, Joey Millington 15, Nathan King 3-7 off 3.1, Alex Davey 2-13 off 6, Will Watson 2-28 off 7) defeatedMulbring 96 (Daniel King 41, Adam Sheehan 19, Will Watson 15, Brendan Clark 6-17 off 7.3, Wade Attewell 2-16 off 6).

Peden’s Hotel 9/170 (Luke Johnston 52, Brett Hindmarsh 34, Daniel Olsen 26, Ben Reid 14, Tim Goldman 3-26 off 8, Ross O’Connell 3-43 off 7, Luke Sweeney 2-41 off 10) defeated Supporters 140 (Tim Goldman 65, Ross O’Connell 21, Adrian Jones 17, Andrew Fensom 16, Daniel Olsen 4-6 off 2, Ben Reid 3-28 off 9, Ryan Hindmarsh 2-30 off 6).

Third GradeGreta/Branxton 9/146 (Craig Gillings 29, Zac Watkins 19, Dave Seabrook 19, Ben Lahey 18, R. Clark 3-17 off 6, B. Skelton 2-21 off 5) defeated Denman Hotel 94 (L. Turner 25, D. McCarty 19, Paul Walkling 4-17 off 5.2, Steve Peel 2-32 off 7, Steve Peace 2-24 off 8, Zac Watkins 2-10 off 4).

Bellbird 8/233 (Matt Schrieber 71no, Mark Stevens 69, Andrew Chalker 26, Jack Lennard 17, Darren Reed 3-37 off 10, Jesse Smart 2-21 off 4, Pat Jurd 2-56 off 9)defeated Wine Country 86 (Scott Peachman 50no, Luke Meyers 5-11 off 8, Jack Lennard 2-19 off 4, Mark Stevens 2-24 off 7).

Supporters 3/77 (G. Brodie 43no, A. Field 16, Matt Gough 1-23 off 6, Darren Young 1-29 off 3, Jack Kirkham 1-19 off 3) defeated Mulbring 57 (Darren Young 14, Darrell Payne 13, Geoff Browning 12, G. Goldman 3-15 off 9.3, A. Field 2-15 off 5, T. Johnson 2-13 off 9, S. Minter 2-13 off 6).

Peden’s Hotel 6/175 (Craig Beer 57, Dean Campbell 40, Neil Harvey 17no, Adam Williams 17no, Daniel Russell 17, S. Williams 3-40 off 6, G. Kelso 2-40 off 10) defeated Laguna 7/167 (A. Taylor 89no, J. Bailey 39, M. Dixon 17, C. Dodds 2-28 off 10, D. Grills 2-43 off 10, D. Russell 2-22 off 5).

Fourth GradeDenman Hotel 9/139 (Adam Bartley 47, Jakob Bartley 22, David Stothard 18, Brett Bartley 16, Dion Charnock 6-38 off 8, Cory Stephenson 2-32 off 4) defeatedGreta/Branxton Blue 136 (Neil Bird 31, Mitch Bird 18, Jason Stephenson 16, Will Young 15, Jakob Bartley 3-21 off 10, Adam Bartley 2-14 off 4, Hudson Fitzpatrick 2-7 off 2).

Supporters 0/68 (B. Sharpe 43no, A. Sweeney 18no) defeated Greta/Branxton White 60(Will Howden 22, Jason Varley 21, F. Sharpe 5-4 off 6).

Paxton 206 (Brendan Hayes 71, Gary Jai Russell 32, Steve Collins 23, Steve Russell 18, John Cleary 13no, D. Fletcher 4-38 off 9, P. Crocker 2-47 off 6, K. Jordan 2-18 off 4.3) defeated Peden’s Hotel 87 (G. Thorley 67, Campbell Cleary 3-10 off 4.4).

Wine Country 4/172 (B. Sommerville 72, J. Gough 30, B. Meizes 23, E. Harris 22no, D.Stoker 1-43 off 6, A. Schofield 1-31 off 5, D. Newton 1-22 off 4, C. Delaney 1-9 off 2) defeated Bellbird 167 (C. Delaney 58, G. Stoker 44, D. Stoker 23, G. Musgrove 6-29 off 7, B. Meizes 2-42 off 7).

Points TablesFirst Grade Mulbring 78***, Bellbird 59***, Greta/Branxton 58***, Wine Country 47***, Peden’s Hotel 44***. * byes received, 0 points.

Second Grade Bellbird 92, Greta/Branxton 76, Mulbring 69, Supporters 65, Peden’s Hotel 64, Wine Country 61*. * Lost points 29/10/16 for clearance breach.

Third Grade Bellbird 98, Greta/Branxton 86, Laguna 84, Denman Hotel 77, Peden’s Hotel 76, Wine Country 69, Mulbring 64, Supporters 56.

Fourth Grade Greta/Branxton Blue 91, Paxton 91, Denman Hotel 77*, Greta/Branxton White 76, Wine Country 73, Bellbird 65, Supporters 65, Peden’s Hotel 56. * Lost points 5/11/16 for clearance breach.

Club Championship Bellbird 530.20, Greta/Branxton 494.10, Mulbring 481.90, Wine Country 398.10, Peden’s Hotel 392.40.

Club Championship Formula:- First Grade x 3.5, Second Grade x 2.1, Third Grade x 1, Fourth Grade x 0.5.

NB: Only Greta/Branxton Blue fourth grade team contributes to club championship points.

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#datadrought – phone services on the agenda

TheRegional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalitionis concerned reliable home phone services in the bush may be soon put at risk under proposed changes to the Universal Service Obligation (USO).

Members of the Coalition have today (February 1) appeared at the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the USO in Sydney.

As part of its Inquiry, the Productivity Commission is examining the possibility of transitioning voice services, currently delivered by the existing copper network, to National Broadband Network (nbn) infrastructure. Effectively this would mean voice services would be delivered via satellite for users in rural and remote Australia.

“While we acknowledge the logic in transitioning to more modern infrastructure, this does not escape the fact that geographically a majority of users would be serviced via satellite – including areas that are currently serviced by the existing copper network,” saidAustralian Communications Consumer Action Network(ACCAN) CEO, Teresa Corbin.

“As a coalition we are adamant that a reformed USO must not result in a degradation of existing services.”

National Farmers Federation(NFF) President, Fiona Simson, is also concerned about the development.

“A transition to voice-over-nbn infrastructure could mean many users currently receiving a voice service over copper line would have their service replaced by an inferior, unreliable satellite service,” said Ms Simson.

“The Sky Muster satellite wasn’t designed to deliver universal voice services. A more acceptable long term solution needs to be found before any transition occurs.”

The most significant concern for the Regional, Rural and Remote Communication Coalition is safety during such a transition.

“In emergencies a reliable voice connection can be the difference between life and death,” Ms Simson said.

“There are also issues around how remote businesses are expected to operate in a 21st century economy and meet their workplace health and safety obligations.”

“This issue is of significant concern and we will be appearing at as many hearings as possible over the coming weeks.”

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‘Home approvals still strong’: HIA

A nine per cent dip in home approvals, acrossPort Stephens, was not a reason for concern, according to the Housing Industry Association.

In the 12 months to November, Port Stephens Council approved 338new homes –a mix of houses and units –compared to 371 in the 12 months prior.

“There was a boom in March 2015 where 100 units were approved and it’s skewed the figures,” HIA Hunter executive director Craig Jennion said.

“The overall pictureis still really strong.”

In the 12 months to November –the latest available Australian Bureau of Statistics data –Port Stephens Council still approved 71 attached dwellings (units and townhouses) compared to 119 in the 12 months prior.

“The vibe is still really good in Port Stephens and there’s the perception that it’s a really good value area, much cheaper than Newcastle and especially Sydney.”

Mr Jennion saidhome building approvals suggest activity across the HIA Hunter Region continues to perform strongly

“Like many other areas of Australia the latest ABS building approvals in the Hunter were very strong in November 2016, with the total volume of approvals for new dwellings bouncing to the second highest figure of the year,” he said.

“In total 562 approvals were issued for new dwellings across the Hunter and Central Coast, compared to 423 the month prior, with much of the heavy lifting continuing to occur in the Lower Hunter and Central Coast local government areas (LGAs).

“In total over the twelve months to November 2016 a strong 5,517 approvals have been issued, some of the highest annual totals we have seen in recent years.”

The Hunter Regional Plan states an additional 70,000 dwellings will be needed in the region by 2036, whilst the Central Coast Regional Plan identifies 41,500 dwellings. The combined dwelling target of 111,500, requires an annual average of 5,575 additional dwellings.

Mr Jennion noted the 12 months to Novemberwas still58 home short of the annual target.

carpenter apprentice – Novaskill

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Calling all canine heroes!

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) is seeking stories from around Australia of outstanding canine accomplishments ahead of the 2017 NSW Canine Hero Awards.

So often our dogs are more than just our companions, they turn out to be unheralded heroes and lifesavers and the RAS wants them to gain the recognition they deserve.

Some canines display an incredible act of bravery in an instinctive moment, others transform a human life in adversity through their training and dedication to their human companion.

They may not be able to tell us their incredible stories, but you can.

In 2016 Governor General, His Excellency General Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC was on hand to present NSW Police German Shepherd “Ulrich” with the inaugural Service Dog Award at the Sydney Royal Easter Show’s Canine Hero Awards.

Ulrich helped police track down an 86-year-old man missing for three days from Maitland Hospital in March 2015.

Ulrich led his handler down a ravine for about 50 metres to where the man was lying at the bottom of the slope.

So often our dogs are more than just our companions, they turn out to be unheralded heroes and lifesavers and the RAS wants them to gain the recognition they deserve. Photo: File

This year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show awards will be presented in two categories;

1. AAR Service Dog Award

Open to any dog that through a single act or over a period of time has displayed exemplary commitment to a service or government organisation.

2. AAR Companion Dog Award

Open to any dog in private ownership that through a single act or over a period of time has displayed in an exceptional way the human-animal bond.

Judges from The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW will select finalists and the ultimate winners who will be invited to attend the Purina Pro Plan Sydney Royal Dog Show, Best In Show day on 17 April 2017 to receive their award.


The Awards are open to residents of Australian States or Territories who own the nominated dog or are the authorised agent of the owner of the nominated dog.

Entries must include a completed and signed Awards Entry form, photograph and narrative description.

Applications will be judged in the week of 10 April and the winners will be contacted that week. Winners will be invited to attend the Purina Pro Plan Sydney Royal Dog Show as part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show to receive their awards on Monday 17 April 2017.

The winners, their stories and photos will be featured in the Dog News Australia paper and the Dogs NSW Journal.

Prize isa$1500 cash prize to the winner of each category sponsored by the Australian Animal Registry (AAR).

How to enter the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Canine Heroes Awards:

Please complete the Awards Entry Form and forward to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW with a high resolution picture of yourself and the dog.

Entries can be submitted by;

Completing the entry form.

Emailing your entry [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训419论坛

Post the entry to –RASNSW, Canine Hero Awards, Locked bag 4317, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

The closing date is Tuesday, February 28,2017

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