Farmers help out the environment

Landholders Graeme and Wendy Ross are restoring precious woodland habitat and native grasslands on their property, Willowglen, at Bathurst.

The Ross family have fenced off more than 125 hectares of remnant vegetation to enhance ground cover and promote the regeneration of native plant species, returning the landscape to its natural state.

Graeme and Wendy worked closely with Allan Wray and other staff from Central Tablelands Local Land Services. Photo: Contributed

This ambitious project received a helping hand last year from the Commonwealth Government’s Green Army Program, delivered through Skillset, with participants planting two thousand native seedlings on the site including Yellow box, Apple box, Blakely’s red gum, Sheoaks and Silver wattle.

“They did a very good job helping us out with fencing and with planting, and they seemed to enjoy themselves even during some particularly rough weather conditions,” Graeme said.

Graeme and Wendy have also planted another 3000 seedlings to complete the project. Prior to the project they had collected seed from red box and yellow box eucalypts and propagated several thousand seedlings, which were then used in the new plantings.

The new vegetation has been strategically located to enhance landscape connectivity and wildlife habitat, and also to provide shade and shelter for livestock.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services supplied additional native tube stock and tree guards for the site and also facilitated funding to pay for fencing the site and the installation of a watering point for livestock in the new paddock.

“Local Land Services is encouraging landholders to increase vegetation connectivity in the landscape and to improve groundcover through sustainable grazing practices, so it’s a pleasure working with farmers like Graeme and Wendy,” Land Services Officer, Allan Wray said.

“They have already done a lot of work on their property that demonstrates how farm productivity and biodiversity can go hand in and hand. This latest project is a great example of well planned and practical revegetation and farm management.”

Graeme and Wendy Ross will manage the new project area to reduce grazing pressure during critical times, particularly during dry spells and following rain events, to ensure native plants have the opportunity to flower and set seed.

“We have been working to improve ground cover on the farm and we also saw this project as a good opportunity to get better control of stock movement by dividing our paddocks,” Graeme said.

“More control over grazing access will give native plant diversity greater opportunity to survive and regenerate. The more diversity you have, the healthier the landscape, and we like to see the native plants and animals in the bush, it creates a very appealing environment.”

Bush rock, dead standing and fallen timber will also be maintained across the site to provide important habitat. The area will be strategically grazed to maximise groundcover and plain wire has been used in fences to allow native animals to move through the landscape without injury.

For more information about the benefits of sustainable land management and how Local Land Services can assist in planning and implementing improved management practices that can both protect the environment and improve productivity, phone Allan Wray on 02 6333 2318 or email:[email protected]s.nsw.gov419论坛

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Schools are set for 2017

Schools are set for 2017 FUN: Naracoorte Primary School receptions Kadence Watson and Sam Watters enjoy the playground equipment.

NEW: Naracoorte Primary School receptions Archer Woosnam and Annie Rasheed enjoying their new surroundings.

BUDDIES: Evie Sneath and Harvey Burzacott.

Naracoorte Primary School: New principal David Adams (left) with new staff Will Sandford, Kath Mott, Daniel Hallett, Daniel Wallis and Adam Stokes.

FRIENDS: Naracoorte South Primary School receptions Emma Kay (left), McKinley Brighton and Sinead Legoe play on their recces break.

SMILES: Naracoorte South Primary School receptions Eliza Crossling, Sam Vickery, Linken Pohlner and Fiann Kenny on the playground.

Naracoorte South Primary School: Trudy Holland (left) and Jess Jones.

Naracoorte South Primary School: Amanda Thompson.

FRESH: Sunrise receptions Piper Southern (back left), Angus Farley, Olive Marshall, Qinxuan Li (front left), William Teate and Portia Lowe.

HAPPY: Receptions BL – Hudson Oster, Poppy McLachlan, Charlize Cashine, Mahli Donaldson, FL – Meg Speed , Mia Slotegraaf and Ben Durik.

Naracoorte Sunrise Christian School: Catie Kennedy (left), Natalie Filsell and Margret Dow. Absent: David Jones.

Padthaway Primary School: Libby Thornton (left) and principal Olivia English.

Lucindale Area School: Jason Backler and Tahnee Manuel.

Naracoorte High School: Chelsea Dahlenburg.

Naracoorte High School: Irene Willcocks.

Naracoorte High school: Sarah Kershaw.

TweetFacebookNaracoorte High SchoolNaracoorte High School has 421 confirmed student enrolments for this year.

Eighty-four of those children will join the school for the first time, with the majority being Year 8 students.

The high school will welcome new teachers Sarah Kershaw and new graduate Irene Willcocks from Adelaide.

Sarah will teach English for all grades with Irene teaching science and physics for Year 11 and 12.

Chelsea Dahlenburg will return to the school after spending twoyears at Lucindale.

She will teach in theagriculture and horticulture and the physical education (PE) areas.

Last year, the school said farewell to previous science and physicsteacher Lara Parkinson who has moved to Brisbane.

Significantly, the school also said goodbye at the end of last year to long-time chaplain Trev Barnett, who has retired.

Deputy principal Jim McConnellis set for a long absence with his annual leave taking effect after week two of the opening term.

This year, Naracoorte High School will be able to use a new lift which will enable people with disabilities access to the upper levels.

In March, the schoolwill also begin its Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) project which will aim to be completed by November.

STEM is a $2.5m federal government initiative to allow schools to upgrade resources to provide students withtheability to access 21stcentury learning.

The school also had architectural drawings designed for a new front gate entrance after the previous structure was demolished last year.

Naracoorte Primary SchoolNaracoorte Primary School is set for a busy 2017 with 462 enrolments for the year.

Of that total, 57 Receptions will start their first school year with 12 other joining across all year levels.

Five new teachers will join the staff this year.David Adams from Adelaide will come out of retirement to lead the school as the new principal.

Daniel Wallis andDaniel Hallett will both teach Year 5, with MrWallis coming from Mount Barker and colleague MrHallett making the short journey from the local high school.

The school also said goodbye toMarie Riddle in mid-2016 after she served as the school’s principal for 15 years. She has retired to Goolwa with husband Mike, also a former long-time teacher.

Adam Stokes has moved from Queensland to teach the Year 6 students.

Will Sandford and Kath Mott have also secured teaching roles at the school.

Cherylie McConnell and Janet Duncan will both callit quits after many years at the primary school.

Ange Donnelly is on maternity leave for 2017.

Ceri Edwards, Tahnee Manuel, Jacquilyn Bradley, Fiona McInnes and Laura Staude will also be leaving the school after reaching the end of their contracts.

The school is looking forward to implementing its STEM project this year.

Naracoorte South Primary SchoolNaracoorte South Primary School will maintain the same level of 210 enrolments for this school year.

A healthy number of about 28 new Reception students will bolster the total number.

Recent graduate and local Jess Jones will teach ICT along with a Year 2/3 class.

Another former local Trudy Holland returns to Naracoorte to teach Year 4/5 after spendingthe last few yearsteaching at Oakbank Area School.

Amanda Thompson makes a return to theschool to teach junior primary science.

Kath Mott, Bernadette Blance Palmer and Lisa Rye all parted ways with the primary school in 2016.

Naracoorte South Primary School hasalready started construction ofan outdoor classroom with fire pit which is expected to be completed by the end of the first term.

Over the break, several classrooms were painted throughoutwith new carpets added to some rooms and other classroomsreceiving new furniture.

The schoollooks forward to extending its “Walker Learning” approach to junior primary teaching this year, as well as using a more inquiry based approach in the senior primary yearsto complement the STEM focus.

Naracoorte Sunrise Christian SchoolNaracoorte Sunrise Christian School is excited to begin the school year with 152 enrolments confirmed.

There will be 21 new Receptions joining the campus with one other Year 5 student also starting.

The addition of new teachers will allow for future growth in the school.

Natalie Filsell from Adelaide will teach a the Year4/5 class.Catie Kennedy is the non contact teacher.

Margaret Dow is the school’s new educational support officer and David Jones will do grounds/general maintenance work in 2017.

The school will have four straight grades which are Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3.

Lucindale Area SchoolLucindale Area School started 2017 this week with a total of 175 enrolments.

Staff are looking forward to the new school year having welcomed new staff Tahnee Manuel,Jason Backler,Rangi Millerand Chantelle Bloomfield.

Tahnee will teach the Year 6/7 and lead the choir.

Jason joins the schoolfrom Strathalbyn and will be an Agriculture, HASS andPLP teacher.

Rangi Miller will be taking on the role of PSWthis year.

The school has also bought a 33-seater bus.

The boarding house has had new paint work, new curtains and blinds installed and upgraded furniture in the student rooms. The schoolhasalso installed NBN for fast internet access.

Padthaway Primary SchoolPadthaway Primary School will have a total of 63 students with seven in the preschool this year. Four new students will join the the campus in the preschool, Year 2, 3 and 5.

Olivia English has been appointed as the new school principal following the retirement ofHarry Long in May last year.

Libby Thornton will be the newpreschool teacher and will be joined byAshlea Owen who is returning from maternity leave.

After eight years,Michelle Lampard has left her teaching positionat the school.Cara Maney also moved on after a year.

in 2017, the school will begin developing the preschool and is set to builda new indoor/outdoor play space dedicated to early years learning.

An upgrade of the playground area will also get underway after necessary funds were raised from thecommunity and fundraising committee.

Frances Primary SchoolFrances Primary School is predicting to have between 30-40 students for the 2017 school year.

Three new Reception students will join the campus.

Skylea McLean will return to the school to teach the senior class after teaching in Queensland for the past three years.

Teachers and students will enjoy using the the new electronic whiteboards that were installed over the break.

State-wideMore than 13,000 children started their first year of school this week.

In total, an estimated 170,000 students are attending 513 public schools including 13,500 children starting Reception, 11,000 starting high school and 11,500 beginning Year 12.

Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close said: “We welcome and wish good luck to all our 170,000 students in what we hope will be an exciting and rewarding year, especially those who are going to school for the first time and those embarking on the final stage of their school journey.

“A new school year provides a great opportunity for students to create or renew friendships and explore areas of interest as they study and prepare for their futures. We also wish our hard-working and highly skilled workforce of dedicated teachers, leaders and support staff a highly successful 2017.”

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Water bomber move worth considering

THE Cleve District Council’s suggestion to the CFS to relocate the firefighting aircraft based on Eyre Peninsula over the fire danger seasonfrom the Port Lincoln Airport to the more central site of Cummins is an interesting one.

The idea would be to increase the automatic drop zone – which is the area that automatically receives a bomber drop if a fire starts– to include land further north on the Eyre Peninsula.

At the moment a large portion of the bombers’ 70-nautical mile automatic drop zone is over the ocean, which does seemto be a waste.

The Cleve District Council’s chief executive officer Peter Arnold said the council was keento start a conversation with the CFS and while CFS chief officer Greg Nettleton is yet to provide a response it will be interesting to see if it is something that can be seriously considered.

Aerotech First Responseis the primary contractor for the provision of 16 aircraft services acrossSouth Australia to the CFS, including in Port Lincoln and Aerotech already has a base at Cummins for its agriculture services.

There may be logistical reasons why it would not work but it is certainly worth asking the question if it means a quicker response time to more areas of the Eyre Peninsula.

By air, Cummins is not too far from Port Lincoln so response times to areas around the city should not be significantly increased if the move went ahead and the response time would be quicker to the more rural areas where fires often start.

Fixed wing water bombing aircraft have been stationed at thePort Lincoln Airport during the fire danger season since the Wangary bushfire and over those years they have been a welcome addition to the Eyre Peninsula’s firefighting capacity, supporting the efforts of the volunteer firefighterson the ground.

Firefighting aircraft do notextinguish a bushfire alonebut they do provide important support.

As the main airport in the region, it initially seems to makesense to have the firefighting aircraft based at Port Lincoln Airport, however it is good to see people thinking outside the square and not assuming things have to be done a certain way just because that is the way they always have been done.

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Competitive carnival ahead, young cricket guns meet at Cowra

Bathurst’s Ryan Peacock will captain Western/Riverina in the Under 18s State Challenge in Cowra. Play begins this Friday and will run through until Sunday.The last time Cowra hosted a three-day cricket carnival a young Adam Zampa emerged on the scene as a future Australian representative, that was during January, 2007.

More couldbe unearthedthis weekend, with Friday markingthe opening day of the NSW Under 18s CountryChallenge, pitting together four teams made up of 48 of the state’s best country cricketers.

Western and Riverina combine as thetournamenthosts, whileCentral North/North Coast, Central Coast/Newcastle and ACT/Southern/Illawarra make up the competition.

Bathurst starRyan Peacock will captain Western/Riverina, whichincludesfellow Western ZoneplayersLuke Powell and Ben Parsons, also from Bathurst,Ben Knaggs and Charlie Kempston from Dubbo, Charlie Greer from Orangeand Grenfell product Hamish Starr.

Coach Robbie Jackson expectsa high standard of cricket, particularly from opening roundopponents ACT/Southern/Illawarra –who Jackson’s side will meet at Twigg Oval on Fridayfrom 10am.

“This will probably be some of the best cricket these guys have played,” Western/Riverina coach Robbie Jackson said.

“[ACT/Southern/Illawarra] has great depth and some quality cricketers.We’ll have to be ready for what they dish up.

“It’s a great opportunity to play against other quality cricketers.”

Jackson identifiedRyanPeacock andyoung tearaway Hamish Starr, as well as Riverina batsman Jack Harper and all-rounder Mitch Cleeland, as the four key players.

Each side is scheduled to play each other in the 50-over format, giving players opportunity to be noticed for selection into next season’sNSW Country/ACT under 19s side.

“Not only does it act as part of the selection process for 19s, but it’s a good opportunity to play such a high standard of cricket before going back to local finals,” Jackson added.

Friday’s other match features Central North/North Coast and Central Coast/Newcastle at Holman Oval.

All matches will be played at Holman and Twigg Ovals with play scheduled to start at 10am each day.

Cowra District Cricket President Greg Nicholls says the close proximity of Holman and Twigg Ovals makes it an ideal location for a high performance three-day carnival, givingselectors easy access toboth games.

“You talk to people and they love the set up here with the grounds right next door.

“That’s what makes it so attractive for a three-day carnival,” he said.

On Saturday, Western/Riverina take on Central North/North Coast at Twigg while in thefinal round they play Central Coast/Newcastle at Holman Oval.


Ryan Peacock ©, Charlie Kempston, Hamish Starr, Ben Parsons, Ben Knaggs, Charlie Greer, Luke Powell (Western),Caleb Barras,Eddie Keogh,Jack Harper,Josh Staines,Mitch Cleeland,Avery Weilandt (Riverina).

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Camera cover ‘missed’

TROUBLED: David William Wotherspoon died in April, 2013, after being found unconscious in a “safe cell” at Cessnock Correctional Centre. Picture: Supplied

A CORRECTIONAL officer who was on her first shift monitoring the cameras in a mental health unit failed to notice an Indigenous inmate had partially covered his camera until moments before he was found unconscious, Newcastle Coroner’s Court has heard.

David William Wotherspoon, 31, had been trying to cover a camera in his “safe cell” at Cessnock Correctional Centre with wet toilet paper from about 3.06pm on April 5, 2013.

He failed a number of times, the toilet paper sliding off onto the ground, before he managed to partially cover the camera looking into his cell about 3.15pm.

He could still be seen moving around on the cameras up until 3.20pm.

But by the time two correctional officers went to deliver his meal at about 3.35pm he was unconscious, a ligature tied tightly around his neck.

Correctional officer Jennifer Reynolds told a coronial inquest into Mr Wotherspoon’s death on Wednesday that she wasn’t exactly sure why she missed the camera being partially covered up, despite noticing a number of Mr Wotherspoon’s earlier unsuccessful attempts.

“I couldn’t honestly answer that,” she said.

“It would have been because I was busy, there were alarms and phone calls coming in.”

Corrective Services Investigation Unit Detective Inspector Garry James had previously toldthe inquest the role of monitoring officer at the jail was too onerousfor one person.

“I noted there were 64 monitors across three TV screens,” Detective James said.

“One operator monitoring those three TVs, she’s got to handle the alarm system, the internal intercom, outside phone calls coming in.

“It is a huge task.”

Mr James said, in his opinion, it would have been “hard to even identify that wet toilet paper had been thrown on the monitor” in Mr Wotherspoon’scell, saying the partial covering wouldn’t stand out among all the other screens.

”I recommended that it needed two people to do that job,” he said.

“One watching the screen, the other one to be handling the phones and the alarms.

“There is now two people in the monitoring room since that day.”

Earlier, senior correctional officer Dave Harrower told the inquest he had spoken with Mr Wotherspoon only minutes before he was found unconscious.

“He said “Dave, can I have a shower?” Mr Harrower said.

Mr Harrower said by the time he returned to Mr Wotherspoon’s cell only a few minutes later the 31-year-oldwas unconscious.

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